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Join My Next Wellness Study

Welcome! I would love to have you join my next Wellness Study.  We use these Wellness Studies to compare participant's personal results from using doTERRA Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils & products for 5 consecutive days.  I want to help you find something that is safer, more effective & less expensive to support your health concerns naturally.  All of our content, education & daily giveaways are presented throughout the study through an off of social media platform called myeventcafe.  By participating in this study, you will help us to understand how certain oil protocols help specific ailments (and in turn HELP YOU). With your participation and data, we will be able to find out the most effective ways to help others with similar ailments.  If you are eligible,

you will receive a supply of samples for 5 days to either add more CALM or RELIEF into your life.  

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In order to be eligible to participate in one of our wellness studies, you must be at least 18 years of age.  If you are a resident of the United States, a $5 fee is required to go towards shipping costs. You will receive samples to use for 5 days, education & guidance, a free wellness consult to review your health concerns/wellness goals & will have access to special incentives + promotions available by being part of our wellness study.  For Wellness Studies provided outside the United States, please connect here: 



These ​Wellness Studies​ help to gather data to help us make the BEST natural recommendations to encourage and empower those around us. We know these essential oils work. We've seen their impact on our lives & in the lives of countless others. Now, we're ready to reach people on an even broader scale. Your participation may help uncover answers for others who are struggling, even as you learn solutions for yourself!

Thank you!

To join my next study text 'wellness study' to 661-230-9202

What is Included


5 days worth of samples of doTERRA Essential Oils & Products.


Targeted coaching & education on essential oils in general, as well as the specific oils that will be most beneficial for you in your study. 


Guidance on application techniques + protocols to help your with your specific concerns


Support + encouragement through our private Facebook group


1:1 consultations to help you map out your individualized wellness plan

If you live in the United States & wish to get started, simply text 'wellness study' to 661-230-9202 & you will be given our pre-study survey where you can select which samples you'd like to try & confirm your eligibility.

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