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About me

Megan Hunter


Inspiring Wellness RN

Diamond doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Certified Essential Oils Specialist

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Hello!  I'm Megan Hunter & I'm a wife, mother of 5, a woman of faith, Registered Nurse, Diamond doTERRA Wellness Advocate & Certified Essential Oils Specialist.  One of my greatest passions is in inspiring people to reach greater physical, mental, emotional, & even financial wellness.  I truly believe that through consistent effort, positivity, belief in yourself & in your dreams, & investing in your health through the natural solutions found through essential oils, you can support your body & mind to achieve all of your goals & feel AMAZING through living a more wellness lifestyle. 


Back in 2013 I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils for the first time.  A friend took the time to teach me (a skeptical nurse) & give me essential oils to try in a time of need.  After profound experiences through the use of doTERRA essential oils that affected my own health, my family & those around me, I quickly became passionate & committed to educating & empowering families & health care professionals. I am honored to partner with

doTERRA  & join with them in their mission of the Pursuit of Purity & in sharing the healing benefits of essential oils with the world.

doTERRA is changing the face of healthcare & our essential oils are being used in millions of homes across the world as well as in hospitals & health care settings as a natural, effective tool & resource to support a variety of health concerns. I'm grateful and truly love being a part of this movement. With my background as a Registered Nurse & 8 years of experience in the essential oils industry I am confident in finding the most effective natural solutions & protocols to help individuals improve their wellness & support them in their journey.

I'm equally grateful & passionate about the business opportunity that is available to anyone that desires another option to financially create the the flexibility to prioritize what is most important in their life. I mentor & lead a team of Wellness Advocates worldwide that truly bless my life & I am invested in their success.  I am always looking for people to partner with that I can pour my time, talents & resources into that desire to share these precious gifts of the earth with others & supporting them in creating the time & financial freedom they desire.  


Whether you are someone ready to feel empowered to have natural solutions at your finger tips & receive guided mentoring in your wellness journey, are a health care professional or business owner interested in offering an effective natural option to your clients, or are a heart based entrepreneur looking for another stream of income that is flexible and fulfilling, please reach out to me to set up a meeting for more information.  I am dedicated to helping people expand their skills & vision of what they can create in life by inspiring greater physical, mental, emotional & financial wellness. 


I'm so excited to connect & invite you to allow me the opportunity to help you in your journey!  Let's get started!


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